Oconnor Lens & Camera Accessory Parts

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OConnor CFF-1 Basic Body & Handwheel

R 84,904.51 Incl. Vat
OConnor Main Bridge with Studio Rod Bridge (both 19mm and 15mm studio) + Swing Arm (C1241-1200) + Hand wheel (C1241-1100) + Driver (C1241-1600)

OConnor O-Grips Deluxe Set

R 53,667.17 Incl. Vat
OConnor Four O-Grips Single Module (C1244-1001) + O-Grips Three-System Rod Bridge (C1244-1002) + two Rosette Adapter 60-tooth (ARRI compatible) (C1244-1003) + O-Grips Switch Module (C1244-1004)

OConnor O-Grips Double Jointed Set

R 43,920.18 Incl. Vat
Product Highlights Single-handle Ball Joints Supports 44 lb (20 kg) Payload For 15mm & 19mm Studio & 15mm LWS Titanium Core Construction Spherical Stepless Articulation Allows Addition of Different Accessories Easy Attachment / Removal

OConnor O-Grips Single Jointed Set

R 26,540.00 Incl. Vat
OConnor Two O-Grips Single Module (C1244-1001) + O-Grips Three-System Rod Bridge (C1244-1002)

OConnor O-Rig Baseplate Set

R 23,369.30 Incl. Vat
OConnor O-Rig Universal Baseplate (C1257-1002) + Body Mount (C1257-1003) + Height Adaptor (C1257-1004) + 15 mm Horizontal Support Rods (18") (C1245-2040)

OConnor CFF-1 Studio Hand wheel

R 16,088.41 Incl. Vat
Product Highlights Provides Focus Drive Adjustment Eccentric Repositioning For CFF-1 Studio Setup

OConnor Swing Arm

R 15,031.50 Incl. Vat
Product Highlights Replacement Swing Arm For OConnor Cine Follow Focus CFF-1 Mounts on Either Side of Lens

OConnor O-Rig Universal Baseplate

R 12,682.83 Incl. Vat

OConnor O-Focus Hard Stop Handwheel

R 12,213.09 Incl. Vat
Product Highlights 1:1 Transmission Ratio for Photo Lenses For O-Focus DM and CFF-1 Systems Sets Min/Max Focus Points Performs Hard Stop Pulls On/Off Switch Disengages End Stops

OConnor O-Grips Single Module

R 10,921.33 Incl. Vat
Product Highlights Ball-jointed Hand Grip Solid Titanium Core Maximum Payload - 44 lb (20 kg) Single-handed Operation Full Hemisphere Locking / Adjustment 3/8 Male Screw / Female Receptacle Easy Attachment/Removal Compatible with Standard Rod Systems

OConnor O-Rig Offset Adaptor

R 9,746.99 Incl. Vat
Product Highlights Offsets the Baseplate and Shoulder Pad Two Points of Adjustment

OConnor O-Rig Kits Peli Stormcase

R 9,512.12 Incl. Vat
Product Highlights High-Density Custom-Cut Foam Watertight Design Press-and-Pull Latches Constructed from HPX Resin Two Padlock-Compatible Hasps

OConnor Front End Handle, small rosette

R 9,042.39 Incl. Vat

OConnor O-Grips Three-System Rod Bridge

R 8,924.95 Incl. Vat
Product Highlights Three-system Rod Bridge For 15mm & 19mm Studio & 15mm LWS Simple / Easy-to-Use Bridge System

OConnor LWS Rod Bridge 15 mm

R 7,868.05 Incl. Vat
Product Highlights CFF-1 Accessory Supports 15mm Rods Offers Lightweight Support

OConnor O-Grips Switch Module

R 7,750.62 Incl. Vat
Product Highlights Remote On/Off Push Button Switch Clamps to O-Grip 4-Pin Lemo Connector

OConnor Peli Storm Case with Inserts

R 7,633.18 Incl. Vat
Product Highlights HPX High Performance Resin Case Dent-Resistant and Shatter-Resistant Tough, Rugged, and Lightweight Airtight and Watertight Press & Pull Latches Unbreakable Molded-In Hasps Pressure Relief Valve Soft-Grip, Solid-Core Carrying Handle

OConnor O-Rig Body Mount

R 7,515.74 Incl. Vat

OConnor Flexible Drive Shaft Assembly

R 6,458.85 Incl. Vat
Product Highlights Extends Distance from Follow Focus Units Male & Female Sockets for Daisy Chaining Can Use with Stiff Lenses Single- or Two-Handed Operation

OConnor Universal Ring 114-55 (threaded)

R 5,989.12 Incl. Vat
Product Highlights Step-Down Ring for O-Box WM Matte Box For Lenses with 55-104mm Front Barrel Aluminum Exterior Ring Flexible Fabric Inner Ring

OConnor Universal Ring 150-80

R 5,989.12 Incl. Vat
Product Highlights Clamp-On Donut Ring for O-Box Mattebox Supports 134mm to 80mm Diameter Lenses Aircraft Grade Aluminum Exterior High-Tech Composite Flex Interior

OConnor Flat Studio Marking discs glow in the dark

R 5,754.24 Incl. Vat
Product Highlights Fits OConnor CFF-1 Cine Follow Focus Glow-In-The-Dark for Easier Viewing For Marking Focus Distances Use with Non-Permanent Markers Additional or Replacement Disks

OConnor Handwheel Extension

R 5,519.38 Incl. Vat
Product Highlights Extension for Cine Follow Focus One Eliminates Backlash

OConnor Conical Marking discs

R 5,049.65 Incl. Vat
Product Highlights Angled Marking Surface Use Wet or Dry Erase Markers For Oconnor Hard Stop Handwheel Fits Arri LFF-1 & MFF-2 Follow Focus

OConnor Flat Studio Marking discs

R 5,049.65 Incl. Vat
OConnor Pack of 10, for C1241-1100.

OConnor O-Box WM Side Flag Bracket Set (2 Brackets)

R 4,462.48 Incl. Vat
Product Highlights Includes 2 Side Flag Brackets For Holding Side Flags For Use with O-BOX WM Matte Box Features Four Mounting Screws

OConnor Bellows Ring (Donut) 150-114 mm (threaded)

R 3,992.74 Incl. Vat
Product Highlights For OConnor O-Box WM Matte Box For Lenses with 114mm Outer Lens Barrel Accepts 138mm Round Filters

OConnor Clamp Ring 150 mm-134 mm

R 3,757.88 Incl. Vat
Product Highlights For Lenses with 134-150mm Filter Size